Roof Cleaning: A few things you should to know

Published March 31

Is the roof of your house no longer looking its best, maybe it has started to look dirty or grubby? There are many benefits of a clean roof, including:

  • Improving aesthetic value: Mould, mildew, moss and stain accumulate over time and impact the appearance not only of the roof, but also of your entire home. Regular roof cleaning keeps these destructive elements at bay.
  • Detecting roof damage early: Through the process of roof cleaning you may identify small areas of damage that have been caused by weathering, age or other factors.
  • Extending the life of the roof: After the cleaning process is complete, you can paint and prime the roof. This prevents accumulation of dirt and moss in the future, increasing the life of your roof structure.

There are different types of roof cleaning methods. Roof cleaning using hot water is the best method and provides the longest lasting results. Another option is chemical cleaning where non-toxic chemicals are spread on the roof and left for a short period of time before being washed off by pressurised water.

It’s important that roof cleaning is always carried out by an experienced and skilled professional who follows these steps:

  • Pressure Washing: The first step of the roof cleaning process, pressure washing helps to remove loose debris and dirt such as leaves, insects, twigs etc. Water pressure is applied from the top of the roof towards the gutter and once complete, the roof is allowed to dry thoroughly.
  • Chemical Treatment:  If chemical cleaning is also being use a chemical mixture is spread all over the roof and enters all the small pores present in the roofing material. The chemical solution is left on the roof for a while so the remaining debris loosens up easily.
  • Rinsing: A final rinse is done to remove the chemicals from the roof. This is the most challenging part of the cleaning process as it largely depends on the toughness of the stains and amount of debris, moss and dirt which have built up over the years.
  • Cleaning gutters: The final step is a proper clean of the gutters to remove all debris and dirt, as clogged gutters may cause water damage to the building.

An expert roof cleaning company can make the roof of your house look almost as good as new. As well as roof cleaning, a house cleaning company may offer services such as tile cleaning, cleaning water damage, upholstery cleaning, house washing and carpet cleaning.  North Sydney  is home to a number of excellent pressure cleaning companies that offer services at affordable rates.

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