Property Management Maintenance Tips

Published February 28

If you’re a property manager, you might be about to conduct some post holiday rental inspections or just the usual inspections that come about mid lease? If so, here’s a checklist that might come in handy. We find that rental properties can look good to the eye but when you inspect some of those out of sight areas it can be another story. Of course these tips don’t just apply to property managers or rental properties – there a good guide for everybody.

Dust can build up around vents, in bathroom and other fans, and around HVAC units. If this happen it can prevent air flow which isn’t great news in summer. It may also lead to some bigger maintenance issues down the track.

Summer won’t last forever although here’s hoping. The heaters will be required soon enough so it’s a good opportunity to make sure everything is running as smoothly as it should with the property’s air conditioning.

If it’s a house and there’s an open fire then that really needs some attention. It’s a lovely addition to a rental property but it could be a dangerous one

Regularly clean inside your fireplace: Wood burning builds up deposits of dirt, dust and ash. If that combination of debris is left to just sit and fester then pretty soon its particles will be circulating in the air and you’ll be breathing them in. That’s not good for anybody, least of all people with respiratory, breathing or heart conditions. The other problem is the potential for debris to catch fire and that can be catastrophic.

Fireplaces are a good gauge on the quality of your insulation. If heat is escaping then maybe there’s a draft around a window or door which may require some weatherstripping. While you’re at it, make sure that smoke is flowing freely from your fireplace and not filling the room. Mind you, if too much is escaping then that could be symptomatic of broken or damaged mortar in your chimney.

It’s a good time to paint when it’s still hot. You can keep the windows and doors open for ventilation so if the paint work is looking a bit worse for wear then it’s a perfect time, especially if the property is vacant.

Actually, the same applies to carpet cleaning. It’s a much easier task and your carpet dries far more efficiently in summer after our pressure cleaning services for very obvious reasons. Any areas of the home that are susceptible to containing or spreading dust can be health issues for tenants. If you attend to them consistently then you may find they stay for longer than they otherwise would. Of course mattress and upholstery cleaning is also a good idea to remove dust particles but that applies less to property managers and rental properties – unless they’re holiday rentals.

On the subject of dust and other nasties, around the kitchen sink and garbage disposal are breeding grounds for bacteria. One sure sign that food scraps is the presence of bugs, most commonly ferment flies. They tend to gather around sinks where food hasn’t dispersed efficiently. Boiling hot water down the drain works if you do it consistently. So do other heavy duty cleaners but it could be a job for a plumber. It’s not the sort of thing you want to fester.

Pressure & Steam will come into your home and take care of the lot. It could be the right time to wash the house and get into some roof and gutter cleaning to get rid of debris and to clean the solar panels. Perhaps you might pressure clean the stone work or the exterior tiles. Once you’ve used us once and you’ve seen the results, you’ll want us back again and again.

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