Pressure Washing Services – Rent Don’t Buy

Published September 25

There are so many uses for high pressure cleaning or pressure washing, that you might be thinking about biting the bullet and investing in a high pressure or power cleaner. Concrete pavers, brick work and other exteriors can accumulate moss and slime if they’re out of regular sunlight and a high pressure or cleaner can make cleaning the car a hell of a lot easier, especially getting into those tricky spots where dirt and grime like to settle. 

Before you buy, stop and think

Hold on just a minute and have a think about it? When you have the thing in your hand and you see how well it’s doing the job you can have a bit of a love affair and start to wonder how you ever lived without it. But the truth is you probably hadn’t used a high pressure cleaner for an entire year prior and the same thoughts were running through your head then. When those romantic notions start running through your head it may be better to think about hiring a professional pressure washer.

Reasons not to buy

We just gave you one, you hardly ever use it. If you are the exception we apologise and suggest you take up a hobby – a  different hobby or take the kids out for the day instead. 

High pressure cleaners require maintenance. You should store your high pressure cleaner in a clean safe spot so it remains in good working order. Failing to do so will ruin your investment and good quality high pressure or power cleaners aren’t inexpensive.

They can be a safety risk. You should certainly not wash the dog with one nor should you apply high pressure water to your skin, exposed or otherwise. It may sound like common sense but every year emergency wards are presented with nasty accidents resulting from the misuse of a high pressure cleaner. In addition to the risk of injury there is the definite potential for property damage.

Hire a professional – that’s the safest solution

The best exterior house cleaning solution  is to get all of the jobs done at once and schedule your appointments twice a year with the best pressure washing services in Sydney – Pressure & Steam. Clean the concrete, do some driveway pressure cleaning,  clear the gutters and give the brickwork a good going over.

For all of your high pressure or power cleaning requirements go the safe and sensible route. Call Pressure & Steam.  

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