Pressure and Steam’s safety precautions for COVID-19

Published April 14

Our team is practising strict measures for the health and safety of our team and our customers. They include:

Social distancing measures
Cleaning of vehicle interior/exterior touch points twice a day
Our team wear a P2 mask on all internal jobs and surgical masks on all external works
Our team frequently washes their hands
We sanitise our hands on entry to and exit from all jobs (and throughout as required)
If any of our team has signs of illness, they will let management know. They will self-isolate and not be allowed at work
Any clients with symptoms will have to reschedule
No one in our team has travelled within the past 30 days
All cloths and mops used are sanitised each day using an appropriate disinfectant
Our team will use appropriate disinfectants, equipment and follow the right procedures.


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