How To Expel Fleas From Your Upholstery

Published November 29

Fleas can attack any place or house, and sometimes it becomes just impossible to stop them from entering your home. Dust, pets, and other debris that comes from the outside are the main culprits in bringing fleas inside your home and allowing them to stick on your furniture’s upholstery.

Fleas can cause itchiness and little bite marks on your body, which can be an uncomfortable issue for your family as well.

To dodge future infestation on your expensive upholstery and different things of furniture makes it a regular schedule to vacuum each part and corner that might become a home for fleas. Heat draws in fleas, for example, bugs, lice and bed bugs. Remember, these bugs have a tendency to thrive in the smallest area of the furniture, so you need to clean every small corner that you can.

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Do you know that soaps and detergents are the biggest enemies of fleas and bugs? Utilising the right cleaner or detergent to clean your lounge chairs or sofas routinely could simply slaughter existing fleas and prevent new bugs from settling into the furniture.

On the other hand, professional cleaners of Pressure & Steam team sprinkle specially made powders in the corners, cervices or cracks of the sofas and other upholstery furniture to prevent the infestation of fleas. Keep in mind that such cleaning products should only be applied by professional upholstery cleaners since some of these can be a bit toxic.

The professional cleaners will leave the powder on the furniture for a few hours or even a day without any disturbances. After that duration, the experts will vacuum the powder and the dead insects. A few fleas might remain alive, so the cleaners will throw the powder and insects outside, away from the doors and windows.

In some cases, scrubbing becomes imperative due to the presence of the larvae. A soft brush is used for scrubbing, which will detach the sticky eggs and larvae, making it easier to brush them off. If you don’t detach them first, then it would become difficult to expel them even with vacuuming.

Steam cleaning is additionally a choice available, if your furniture upholstery can withstand high heat and water. The steam will destroy the fleas and expel the stickiness that might be keeping them attached to the upholstery.

While utilising pesticides or toxic powders, our team will make sure that all the necessary precautions are taken. Try not to use such toxic substances around kids, pets, or food items. Remember, care needs to be taken while using cleaning powder or solutions, so it’s better to leave the job for experts only.

It will likewise important to treat your pets, if they’ve any fleas. You can get a pet shampoo to expel the fleas from your pets’ fur and body, in order to stop fleas from returning to the furniture.

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