How Does Graffiti Affects A Business

Published October 30

For a long time there’s been a heavy debate on whether graffiti should be considered an art form, or a ugly crime. For a business or even a small district, graffiti can either give a business a unique personality, or hinder future customers from interacting with you. Here we will briefly discuss how graffiti can affect your business both positively and negatively.

Graffiti can set standards

In most cases, planned and organised graffiti can help make your brand and business stand out from the others, giving you a unique personality. This can especially help if you want to target a certain audience or niche. In many cases however, graffiti doesn’t really suit most businesses and yours could be affected by it whether you wanted it or not. 

Graffiti is more common in cities, and it can damage the appearance of buildings and delicate surfaces. There is often a big cost to have graffiti removed and in many cases, the local authority isn’t responsible for clearing it on private property, the property owner is. So if your business has been graffitied on, then you’ll have to fit the bill. 

For many, graffiti can set a low standard of your business and the area as a whole. Graffiti can give the impression of the area being run down, makes people feel less secure and possibly threatening. It can make some feel unsafe and definitely drive away business. It’s important to act fast when you spot graffiti on your property and remove it as soon as you can. 

Remove graffiti as soon as you can

Why is graffiti a problem? The longer graffiti is left on a surface, the harder it becomes to remove. The best way to remove graffiti is to hire a professional cleaning service. Graffiti is incredibly stubborn and the paint can seep into bricks, stone and concrete blocks, making it even harder to remove. If you want to do down the DIY route, the two best things you can try are to sand blast the walls, and to repaint the walls. Sand blasting can be dangerous if you are inexperienced with it, so leave it in the hands of a professional to avoid damaging your property further. Repainting is very time consuming and can cost even more than hiring help.

You are not alone

Often, teenagers and young adults are the culprits of graffiti vandalism, and they can be hard to pin down even with cameras. You are not alone. NSW Crime Stoppers are actively helping communities to prevent further vandalism in your area if you suffer from this. If you suffer from regular vandalism attacks, notify your local authorities such as Crime Stoppers for assistance. To deal with a graffiti attack, contact professional graffiti cleaning services today. Graffiti removal services in Sydney will safely return your property to the way it was, with little to no risk of damaging your property in the process. Staff are specially trained and experienced dealing with vandalism, and will ensure your property recovers.

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