Get the Maximum From Solar Panels With Regular Cleaning

Published October 06

Are you looking for solar panel technology? Then, the most important thing to consider is the initial cost of equipment required to generate hot water or electric power. Environment-friendly power innovations have a higher cost at the beginning compared to purchasing electricity from the government/private sector.

solar panel cleaning

Currently, if you’ve planned to invest in the expensive solar panels, or you have already bought and installed the latest version of these panels, then it becomes quite important to get the most out of these power supplying panels. After some time, you will save enough on the electricity bills that your solar panels will prove to be highly beneficial in terms of money. However, you need to make sure that maximum power is generated from these panels.

Check out a few things that you can do to utilise the solar panel to its full efficiency.

  • To start with, make sure that the panels are directly facing the sun. These panels will perform at ideal capacity when set appropriately with the sunshine. For individuals who live in the Northern region, the panels should face towards the south direction to achieve ideal solar energy. For people in the Southern region, they should place the panels facing towards the north.
  • Try to place the photovoltaic array specifically underneath the early afternoon sun for ideal energy from your unit. A common uncertainty is connected to the angle from horizontal which the solar panels should be tilted. Experts say that the tilt needs to be equal to the latitude, +15 degrees in the winter season or minus -15 degrees during the summer.
  • Once the solar panel system is being used, keep in mind that you have to keep the solar panels clean – even if it implies jumping on your rooftop twice in every 6 months. You’ll be surprised to know that even a thin layer of soil or dirt on the glass panel can conceivably prevent solar energy to reach the panel effectively and therefore the system will work beneath its ideal or expected efficiency. If you think that cleaning work is not your cup of tea, then it’s better to hire professional cleaners for Solar Panel Cleaning in Sydney.
  • You need to focus on hindrances or things that might obstruct the sunlight and take away all unnecessary things or trim branches that will stop sunrays to reach the glass panels on your roof. Follow the trail of the sun to check whether any object is throwing a shadow over your solar panels or not.
  • Ensure structures or adjacent trees won’t obstruct the sunlight on your system in future years, especially in winter when the sun is low in the sky. If this is the case, then the performance of your expensive solar panel system will surely suffer.
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