10 Safety Measures To Follow When Cleaning Your Roof

Published June 12

Roof cleaning is a risky occupation, and that’s the reason it is best to hire professionals to do it. You can also do the cleaning yourself, and with enough safety and precautionary measures, you can securely and effectively clean the roof of your house.

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Have a look at some essential safety tips to follow while cleaning a roof.

  1. Utilize Shoes With Great Traction – Tiles that are wet, covered with moss and mould are slippery. Shoes with excellent grip & traction will provide you extra hold and balance when you’re cleaning the surface.
  1. Keep Your Steps On The Lower Part Of The Tiles – if you’ve to step specifically on the tiles, put your steps in the lower part, or the area that is upheld & supported from underneath.
  1. Distribute Your Weight – By utilising a walkway, you can easily distribute your weight and reduce the pressure on the roof’s tiles. It is ideal to pad up or cushion the underside of the plywood by using foam.
  1. Stand On Dry Areas – Try to stand on dry areas, as much as possible. Arrange your work with the goal that when the cleaning is being performed, you will stand on dry parts of the roof.
  1. Stay On Flat Areas – Stay on the flattest area on the roof. This is more secure for you and your weight is also distributed appropriately.
  1. Ensure Your Plants Are Safe – You should know that some cleaning chemical solutions are hazardous for plants. Before you start cleaning the roof of your home in Sydney, ensure that the plants are safe from the sprays. In case, you’re utilising chlorine and other similar agents, it’s better to cover plants near the walls or roof with plastic. When using mild cleaning products, you can just wet the plants before starting the work.
  1. Perform Work By Dividing Sections – Before beginning the work, you should distribute the roof in different sections. This will help you to work on one section at a time, and while you work on one section the other sections can dry. It will allow you to focus on different cleaning requirement for each section, and offer enough space to stand.
  1. Polish The Tiles – There’s a chance that after getting cleaned, the tiles might turn out to be bit whitish and dull. This condition is known as efflorescence, which occurs when tile reacts with the cleaning solutions. It doesn’t have any negative effects on the tiles, but they’ll look dull and a bit ugly. You can polish or just buff the tiles to make it look good.
  1. Use Ladder – You must include ladder in your cleaning project. If possible, clean the roof while standing on a secure ladder. Ladder is an excellent option to clean clogged gutters.
  1. Wear Appropriate Clothes – Wear something comfortable, but not too loose. Cover your body to protect it from harmful UV rays of the Sun. Try to wear clothes that won’t hinder your movements. Also, avoid any jewellery, or accessories.

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