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Solar Panel Cleaning In Sydney

Solar panels produce optimum energy when they’re clean. Dirty panels produce less electricity & the dirtier the panel, the more significant the energy loss, costing you money!

Dirt from pollution particulates, traffic dust, salty ocean residue & bird droppings all reduces the sunlight reaching the solar cells. Luckily there’s an easy solution – solar panel cleaning.

Pressure and Steam at northern beaches in Sydney, use a purified water system for Solar Panel Cleaning. Purified water is perfect for the job as it’s chemical free, fast & provides the longest lasting results. Free from ions & organic matter, purified water leaves no residue or marks on the solar panel. Plus as there’s no residue to attract dirt the panels remain clean for much longer.

Also, for the most stubborn of stains that purified water can’t remove we have a 100% biodegradable pre-spray.

Our extension rods can reach up to 65 feet so we can do Solar Cleaning from the ground. If panels need to be accessed from the roof we follow OH&S safety procedures & if a boom lift (cherry picker) is needed we use a licensed & harnessed operator.

You will get outstanding results with our purified water solar panel cleaning Sydney. Our process is:

  • Prepare water-fed poles
  • Remove excess dirt from solar panels with the purified water-fed soft bristle brush
  • Rinse dirt from solar panels with purified water
  • Air dry as purified water leaves a perfect, streak-free, mark-free finish naturally!
  • Check areas around windows to ensure they’re left as clean or cleaner than before we began

Call our expert Solar Panel Cleaning on 02 8007 7205. if you have any queries regarding Solar Panel Cleaning at Northern Beaches, Manly, Sydney.

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