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Pressure & Steam Northern Beaches in Sydney are the first choice when it comes to expert making your home a healthier & safer place.

Mattress Cleaning In Sydney

Pressure & Steam team members are equipped with the latest and professional tools available in Sydney market for Mattress Cleaning or Sanitising. A powerful cleaning system is used by our team for mattress cleaning which cleans and dries the material of the mattress.

High quality bacteria killing detergents are sprayed in the mattress which helps to clean the dirt and eliminates dust mites. Our suction system removes the fungus, dirt and deodorise the fabrics. This ensures that you get clean and healthy mattress cleaning.

Our team is highly skilled in mattress cleaning in Sydney. We Use advanced methods for Sanitising which leave your mattress clean and fresh-smelling. Our experts examine any stains and spots carefully, and then appropriate detergent is properly applied to remove the spot from roots.

Experienced cleaning professionals of Pressure & Steam can treat various types of stains such as red wine, ink, grease, blood, polisher, food spots etc. Our team members are fully qualified and trained mattress cleaner experts, who can advice and recommend you about the appropriate treatment for various type of stains and spillage.

Effective mattress cleaning process used by us includes:

  • Pre-treating
  • Steam cleaning
  • Stain removal system
  • Extract
  • Deodorising

We also provide Mattress Cleaning services at Northern Beaches, Sydney.  If you have any doubts for Mattress Cleaning please don’t hesitate to call our Cleaning experts on 02 8007 7205

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