Fabric Protection

Fabric Protection

  • Fabric Protection in Sydney
  • Permanent Stain, Mould, Wear and Sun Fade Protection

MicroSeal Fabric Protection is a multi dimensional product designed to protect fabric, leather, rugs and carpet from stains and damaging UVA and UVB rays. It penetrates the fabric and leather at a molecular level, by means of nanotechnology, maintaining the appearance and the texture of the fibre.Unlike other products that exist in the market, MicroSeal is not a coater so does not need to be reapplied after cleaning and will not wear off.

Why Choose Microseal Fabric Protection?

Microseal can protect your interior installations from spills, stains, fading, static, wear and abrasion without any input from them once applied. With Microseal there’s no maintenance required, no need to re-apply after professional cleaning and when the inevitable spill happens, their possession will clean up as new.

It’s easy, proven and environmental friendly!

Since we are so confident in the unprecedented quality and benefits your customers will receive from MicroSeal, we provide a lifetime service warranty.

With the MicroSeal warranty, your customers can expect:

• A lifetime service warranty
• Warranty handled by a local and cheerful service person
• No ‘small print’ to void warranty
• Help over the phone at any time
• If your customer is dissatisfied, we will give a full refund according to our agreement.

Our Process
  1. We’re quick to quote, reliable and we’ll stay in touch on the day so you’ll know exactly when we’re coming. We don’t leave our clients waiting around.
  2. Microseal is being applied by qualified personnel using specially designed equipment that sprays the product uniformly and consistently across the furnishings. The total cure time of Microseal is four days; although the protected furnishings or carpet can be used after approximately one hour of drying time.


Our team is professionally trained and certified in fabric protection in both residential and commercial properties. The head technician working on each job has completed vocational training at ITI.



Please call us in our Northern beaches office (Brookvale) for advice on any of our services and a free quote. We operate in the Northern Beaches, Upper and Lower North Shore, Eastern suburbs and the Inner West.