Why a professional decontamination cleaning team is essential

Published April 14

There is an overwhelming amount of cleaning information publicly available. Although you might have the right information and the best intentions, there’s a risk. The advice might not be followed correctly by someone without training and experience. Or the person doing the cleaning might not be adequately protected.

For the safety of the people who work or live in your premises, it’s important that your cleaner knows how to properly handle disinfectants by wearing the correct safety equipment (including full-face respirators where necessary). Your cleaner needs to ensure disinfectants are used and removed correctly (especially when they are being used repeatedly and in settings such as childcare centres).
Decontamination/Medical and forensic grade cleaning also requires a multi-stage process to make sure that contamination isn’t left behind.
Finally, you must ensure the correct schedule is implemented afterwards to minimise risk. Touchpoints need to be cleaned regularly. If you’re not using a professional cleaning service, things could easily be missed.


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