What to do if you need your home or workplace disinfected due to a virus or other health hazard

Published April 14

If your home or workplace is contaminated by a virus or other health hazard (such as body fluid, bacteria or raw sewerage spills), call us and we can run you through our recommended cleaning or decontamination process.

We can instruct you on what  you should do immediately. That way you can minimize the risk of germs spreading before we arrive. During the call, we’ll set a time for us to come as soon as possible.

We cannot quote over the phone because we need to assess your hazard, your premises and environment. That way we can propose the best solution to clean and sanitise so the risk of germs and viruses spreading is minimized.


For a professional residential and commercial cleaning service in Sydney, contact us for a free quote. We guarantee to do a thorough clean and the head technician on your job will always have vocational training in the service being rendered.