Published April 14

When it comes to medical and forensic cleaning there are different techniques, materials and processes.

Our capabilities include:

  • Cleaning
  • Sanitising
  • Protecting sanitising treatment
  • Ultra low volume (ULV) fogging
  • Soft furnishing cleaning and sanitizing
  • Independent hygienist reports
  • Soft furnishing protectors that provide bacteriostatic effects to limit the growth of bacteria
  • Hand sanitiser and product supply
  • Cleaning consultancy / plans
  • Standard commercial and residential cleaning/maintenance (only in conjunction with at least 1 of the above services)
  • ATP Testing for the presence of contamination on surfaces and in water, including food residue, allergens and bacteria

The right combination of medical and forensic grade cleaning services depends on the specific situation. First, we’ll need to assess what is necessary in your situation so we can tailor our response — anything from expert advice through to full decontamination.

The range of services we offer includes:


For a professional residential and commercial cleaning service in Sydney, contact us for a free quote. We guarantee to do a thorough clean and the head technician on your job will always have vocational training in the service being rendered.