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Upholstery Cleaning – The Right Way To Do It

When you get your sofas, lounge chairs and armchairs reupholstered, you need to ensure that it looks clean & beautiful always so there’s no need to replace the upholstery again on quick sessions.


We do have examples where a liquid drops onto the surface of the fabric or the family pet chooses to sleep on the cosy sofa. How are you planning to clean such stains, marks, patches, and pet hair from your expensive upholstery?

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Before cleaning the surface with special cleaning materials, initially, you need to vacuum it regularly to dispose of any dust that could transform into an unpleasant and permanent dark coloured stain. Dirt is known for making the stains dirtier as well as terrible for your wellbeing. Insects and fleas are attracted towards dust particles, which turn into a troublesome issue to manage.


When a drink or some other fluid falls onto the fabric of your lounge chair, you need to ensure that you absorb on the spot with a dry material. By simply absorbing the liquid from the fabric will keep the fluid from setting into the strands.


There’s no doubt that the worst types of stains on upholstery are that of grease, oil, and other similar sticky substances. You must make sure that you don’t wet the oil or grease at any cost because it doesn’t blend with water.


You have to either use baking soda or baby powder to absorb the oil. When it has been absorbed, expel it delicately and place it in the washer or hand wash it if the particular fabric indicates as such.


Be cautious of what you read on the web. Numerous individuals will instruct you to utilise vinegar, weird DIY blends etc. Your upholstery ought to have a label that clarifies precisely what sort of cleaning solutions, solvents and fluids it can deal with. You must follow these directions at any cost.


If the family pet has made the couch its permanent resting place, then it will leave the stains from its muddy paws and fur. However, there are different ways to clean the fabric without ruining it or without making the stain even worse.


Such cleaning strategy just applies to the dryer and stronger mud. Allow the sand to dry so it remains in one place. Then again, you can carefully evacuate the mud without spreading it around and let the excess dry so it turns into a single piece. Once dried, expel it precisely without scratching your couch’s fabric. Then, follow the right cleaning methods written on the tag of the upholstery.


If you think that this cleaning work is not your cup of tea, then simply hire a professional company that offers services of upholstery cleaning in Sydney.


Remember, water can prove to be quite damaging to the furniture upholstery. If you see a mark ‘S’ on the label, then you would require to buy a soft & special cleaning solution to stay away from harming or stretching the strands.

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